A Compilation of Articles on Virtual Organizations

official-pierre-coupet-autofix-120x180-blobThe following is a compilation of recent virtual organization leadership articles published by Virtual Organization Management Institute Repository in 2020 as of July 4, 2020.

Virtual Organization Management Institute Repository is the world’s leading and only repository of articles, treatises, comments, and documents on the subject of  the virtual organization management discipline, virtual organizations, The New Virtual Organization World, Political Evolution, and Human Evolution.    You are welcome to browse through it for hundreds of such articles dating back to 2007.

In the future, this blog will be updated with individual articles as they are published in this forum.

Let Us Manifest!


The Choice Is Yours: Remote Worker or Virtual Organization Leader?

It all boils down to whom you want to team up with:  Cowboys or The Military

Blueprint For A Thoughtful And Dignified Layoff

Find out why going above and beyond the call of duty is a two-way street

Official Global Ambassador: Your Integrity and Dignity Matter

Why your integrity and dignity is priceless and NOT negotiable

Official Global Ambassador: Clarification of Your Mission

A simplified version of your mission

TNVOW:: Battlespace for A New Global Civilization

Victory is possible only when you have knowledge of the battlespace

The High School Class of 2020: Builders of A New Global Civilization

It’s time to flip the script on the grown-ups and lead

Vile and Obscene: Compensation Based on Local Cost of Living

Find out why you should not be penalized for where you live

Your Choice: A Better World Or a Brand New World?

A brand new world is the only solution

Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa

You’ll be surprised as to why I have erred so grievously

You Are NOT White, Black, Brown, Minority, Racist, Privileged or Disadvantaged

Believe it or not, you are just another human being

Folly of Visionary’s Frustration In The Land of the Blind, Deaf and Dumb

It’s useless trying to rush Mother Nature

Remote Workers: Response of Virtually-Disoriented Brick and Mortar Executive 

Time to regain your footing after being caught sleeping at the switch

Seize The Virtual Organization Leadership Force Initiative

No more time to waste.  The time is now

Cure for Coronabeervirus Has Been Found

In search of a Virus-Free world