We are the world’s leading and only Virtual Organization and Blockchain Technology Executive Search firm for the world’s Leading Global Organizations, Institutions, Governments and Virtual Organizations.

We specialize in the search for Virtual Organization Leadership and Blockchain Technology Executives and Professionals who are able to COLLABORATE and LEAD in a 100% Virtual or Virtual Organization environment.


About Founder


The founder of VOR (“Virtual Organization Recruiter) is also the founder of both the modern virtual organization recruitment and virtual organization management disciplines pioneered since 1997.

He is also the founder of VOMI (“Virtual Organization Management Institute”), VOMI Global Think Tank, VOMI Virtual Organization Academy,  Virtual Organization Leadership, Virtual Organization Advisors,  Blockchain Executives, Digital Currency Ethical Board, Digital Currency Consortium, The New Virtual Organization World Consortium, Virtual Campus Dormitory Consortium,  Virtual Residential Community Consortium, League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives, and a number of other virtual organization entities and initiatives.

About VOR

We are the world’s leading and only 100% Virtual Organization Executive Search Firm which focuses  strictly on the recruitment of Middle to Senior Management Level Executives –  externally and from within your own organization –  who have a strong potential to Thrive, Manage and LEAD in a 100% Virtual Organization environment.

We are part of the glue that binds the world’s most exclusive fraternity and sorority of Virtual Organization Executives.  Pioneers and members of a world of virtual organizations we are all headed toward whether we want to or not.  It’s a New Principled and Civilized World, It’s Virtual, and It’s Organized!

We are the Pioneers and Catalyst  for a world of virtual organizations led by Virtual Organization Leadership Executives in accordance with the tenets of the virtual organization management discipline.   In other words, We Practice What We Preach.

We cater to a Global Community which consists of the following:

  • The Global 5000, a select group of companies representing nearly 70% of global GDP
  • Leading Blockchain Technology, RAIDA (Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents) Technology and other Distributed Ledger Platform Technology Firms
  • Federal, State and Local Governments worldwide
  • Leading Shopping Mall Developers
  • Leading Fashion and Other Apparel Retailers
  • Futuristic Land, Air and Sea Transportation Technology Pioneers and Innovators
  • Futuristic Private Suborbital Spaceflight Transportation Technology Pioneers and Innovators
  • Futuristic Quantum Computer, Communications and Internet Pioneers and Innovators
  • Futuristic Plasma Technology and Electric Universe Pioneers and Innovators
  • Artificial  Intelligence Pioneers and Innovators
  • Smart-City and IoT Technology Pioneers and Innovators
  • Leading Futuristic UGF (Under Ground Facility) and Modern Residential Architecture Firms
  • ALL Groundbreaking Energy Technology Innovators
  • Leading Educational Institutions worldwide
  • Think Tanks
  • Foundations

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Career Opportunities

We invite you to review our own list of internal  Virtual Organization Leadership Executive career opportunities.

Partner Opportunities

We offer an ideal partner opportunity to the following organizations:

  • Global, National and Local Executive Search Firms
  • Global, National and Local Employment or Staffing Agencies
  • Independent Recruitment Firms
  • Global and National RPOs
  • Global Human Resource Consulting Firms
  • Global and National Human Resource Associations
  • Independent Third Party Recruiters
  • Contract Recruiters

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Collaborator Opportunities

Collaborator opportunities in a purely 100% virtual organization environment are  available at the following  related or affiliated virtual organizations:


Enterprise Search Solution

We offer Only ONE  Solution to all Forbes Global 2000 and Equivalent Enterprise Level Organizations, Academia & Governments around the world as well as to all other futuristic, leading edge and groundbreaking technology firms and organizations around the globe who seek to appoint a Key Executive to a leading Virtual Organization Leadership position (NOT for a Virtual Team Leadership or Virtual Management position – there is a huge difference)

  • Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Search

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Search Recommendations

We recommend this search ONLY when 1) your organization is considering to either APPOINT from within your own organization or BRING ON BOARD a Middle to Senior Management Level Executive who ALREADY HAS a substantial amount of experience working in either a REMOTE or VIRTUAL environment for a GLOBAL ORGANIZATION; AND  2)   your organization further intends to enroll the successful candidate in a formal (90-calendar-day) Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Program upon their official starting date of employment or at some later date.

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100% Transparent Search Engagement Fee Information

A Flat Fee based on Total Annual Compensation Range (in $USD)

  • $100,000 –  200,000 ::   $45,000
  • $200,001 – 300,000 ::    $67,500
  • $300,001 – 400,000 ::    $90,000
  • $400,001 – 500,000 ::    $112,500
  • $500,000 – 800,000 ::    $180,000
  • Over $800,000 ::   $250,000


The following Virtual Organization Executive Search Standards apply to each and every search:

  • We do NOT conduct searches for strictly “brick and mortar” positions.  (We do not wish to compete with our traditional executive search colleagues in the “brick and mortar” space.)
  • Each introduction to VOR begins with a simple “Request a VOR VIP Videoconference for Additional Insights.” 
  • Each search engagement is 100% Confidential.   Other than to a viable candidate on a need-to-know basis,  VOR will never privately or publicly disclose, confirm or deny the existence of any specific, current or previous virtual organization executive search assignment nor the name of any client organization which has engaged VOR for its services.
  • Each Virtual Organization Executive Search is conducted in accordance with a set of virtual organization recruitment best practices, policies and procedures  pioneered by the founder of the virtual organization recruitment discipline since 1997.   (That means we do not operate in accordance with standard “brick and mortar” search assignment practices, policies and procedures.)
  • All virtual organization executive search related activities are conducted via videoconference in a 100% virtual organization environment.   We Practice What We Preach!  (That means no phone calls of any kind either to or from faceless individuals;  no travel of any sort to any corporate retreat or in order to meet and schmooze Board members of the Search Committee,  members of the Executive Leadership Team, and other Corporate Officials – or for touring client facilities and location, etc.)
  • Each virtual organization executive search assignment must adhere to VOR‘s terms of engagement in accordance with its very own customary engagement procedures as outlined on this website and in VOR‘s Virtual Organization Executive Search Assignment Agreement.  That means, regardless of the size of any organization or institution or how influential a government,  VOR will never submit any private, personal, confidential or proprietary information of any kind in order to be listed on any Authorized Corporate Vendor List or to become an Approved Business or Government Contractor.   (Nor will VOR ever request such information from any potential or current clients.)
  • VOR does not operate on either a retainer or contingency basis.  Advance payment in full is required within 10 days of the execution date of VOR‘s Virtual Organization Executive Search Agreement prior to the beginning of any search engagement activities. 

In order to proceed, please click here in order to Request an On Demand VIP Videoconference for Additional Insights.


Are you a registered Federal Contractor with the United States government or any other government?

ANSWER :: NO.  We don’t care to be nor do we have any intention of becoming one in the near or distant future.  Our terms of engagement, procedures as well as all legal and financial requirements are universal for all businesses, organizations, institutions and governments worldwide.  There is no exception to the rule.

Are there any geographical restrictions with respect to conducting a Virtual Organization Leadership Executive search?

ANSWER :: None whatsoever.   Absent any U.S. legal requirements, our virtual organization leadership executive search services are offered worldwide. 

How long does it take to fill a Virtual Organization Leadership position?

ANSWER :: There is really no time limit.   It depends on the search assignment requirements as well as other factors which may fall outside the scope of a virtual organization executive search. However, as a general rule, barring such other factors, think of a minimum of 13 weeks.

Is VOR a 100% virtual organization?

ANSWER :: YES indeed. 100%.  Other than that, it would be pure intellectual dishonesty on our part if we were to operate or offer any of our services in a brick and mortar environment.  We Practice What We Preach!

With respect to Executive Search services, are you willing to travel to come meet with members of our Executive Search Committee?

ANSWER :: NO. We work strictly via Videoconference in a 100% virtual organization environment. NO TRAVEL OF ANY KIND FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER.

I will soon be in your area, can we have lunch or chat over a cup of coffee?

ANSWER :: NO.  That’s a very stale, antiquated, unproductive, and very ineffective “brick and mortar” practice or way of doing business.  We’ve been there and done that over a period spanning several decades – thus it’s now time for us to move forward and practice what we preach.

Is VOR a contingency or retained  Executive Search firm?

ANSWER :: The answer is none of the above.   We do not operate in accordance with standard brick and mortar recruitment procedures and practices.   We require advance payment in full upon execution of the Virtual Organization Executive Search Agreement and prior to beginning a virtual organization leadership executive search.

How do your services differ from those of typical executive search or recruitment firms?

ANSWER :: Excellent question.  First, we DO NOT conduct searches for “Brick and Mortar” positions. Second, we only engage in searches for Executives who have a very strong potential to work and LEAD in an almost exclusively 100% Virtual Organization environment;  strictly in accordance with the virtual organization recruitment discipline pioneered by its founder since 1997.    Thus, trying to compare these totally different executive search practices is like trying to compare apples with oranges.   Hence, we DO NOT compete with typical recruitment and executive search firms.

Do you guarantee 100% Confidentiality for all virtual organization executive searches?

ANSWER :: YES. We promise and guarantee “100% Confidentiality” for all virtual organization executive search activities.

How can I obtain more information?

ANSWER :: Request a  VOR VIP Videoconference for Additional Insights.

What is the best way to proceed?

ANSWER :: Request a  VOR VIP Videoconference for Additional Insights.

There seems to be some synergy between our organizations,  do you offer any Strategic Partner opportunities? 

ANSWER :: Yes.   Click HERE to submit our Official VOR Partner Application.


When it comes to any sort of information which has to do with Virtual Organizations, Virtual Organization Management and Virtual Organization Recruitment, you are welcome to browse through the Virtual Organization Management Institute Blog :: the world’s leading and only repository of news, articles, essays and treatises on all things related to virtual organizations.

Other sources of virtual organization related news, information and career opportunities  include, however are not limited to, the following:


January 31, 2020.     Effective today’s date, Virtual Organization Recruiter has launched the world’s very first and only blog that is strictly focused on the virtual organization recruitment discipline and Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Search.

January 29, 2020.     Effective immediately, Virtual Organization Recruiter is now strictly focused on the search for Virtual Organization Leadership Executives on behalf of leading global organizations and groundbreaking technology innovation pioneers.   Henceforth, all Virtual Organization Aptitude Assessment and Virtual Organization Leadership Assessment, Training and Certification will be provided by our Virtual Organization Leadership spin-off.


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