Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Search Standards

The following Virtual Organization Executive Search Standards apply to each and every search:

  • No Search for Strictly Brick and Mortar Positions. We do NOT conduct searches for strictly “brick and mortar” positions.  (We do not wish to compete with our traditional executive search colleagues in the “brick and mortar” space.)
  • A Deep Insight into Virtual Organizations Is Required. Each introduction to Virtual Organization Recruiter (VOR) begins with a preliminary request to Virtual Organization Advisors for a deep insight into virtual organizations and virtual organization leadership.  Bringing onboard a highly competent Virtual Organization Leadership Executive is too important a financial and business decision to make on a whim or based on a lot of hype, smoke and mirrors.
  • Confidentiality. Each search engagement is 100% Confidential.   Other than to a viable candidate on a need-to-know basis,  VOR will never privately or publicly disclose, confirm or deny the existence of any specific, current or previous virtual organization executive search assignment nor the name of any client organization which has engaged VOR for its services.
  • Strict Use of Best Practices for Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Search. Each Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Search is conducted in accordance with a set of virtual organization recruitment best practices, policies and procedures  pioneered by the founder of the virtual organization recruitment discipline since 1997.   (That means we do not operate in accordance with standard “brick and mortar” executive search assignment practices, policies and procedures.)
  • All Search Activities Conducted in 100% Virtual Organization Environment. All virtual organization executive search related activities are conducted via videoconference in a 100% virtual organization environment.   We Practice What We Preach!  (That means no phone calls of any kind either to or from faceless individuals;  no travel of any sort to any corporate retreat :: or in order to meet and schmooze Board members of the Search Committee,  members of the Executive Leadership Team, and other Corporate Officials ::: or for touring client facilities and location, etc.)
  • Strict Adherence to VOR Terms of Engagement. Each virtual organization executive search assignment must adhere to VOR‘s terms of engagement in accordance with its very own customary engagement procedures as outlined on this website and in VOR‘s Virtual Organization Executive Search Assignment Agreement.  That means, regardless of the size and influence of any organization, institution or government,  VOR will never submit any private, personal, confidential or proprietary information of any kind in order to be listed on any Authorized Corporate Vendor List or to become an Approved Business or Government Contractor.   (Nor will VOR ever request such information from any potential or current clients.)
  • Advance Payment in Full Upon Execution of Search Agreement. VOR does not operate on either a retainer or contingency basis.  Advance payment in full is required within 10 days of the execution date of VOR‘s Virtual Organization Executive Search Agreement prior to the beginning of any search engagement activities. 
  • Standard Payment Information. In addition to the US dollar, we accept any of the following currencies or commodities: Russian ruble (₽) ::: Chinese yuan (CN¥) ::: Japanese yen (JP¥) ::: Swiss franc (CHF) ::: South African rand (ZAR) ::: European Euro () ::: Pound sterling (£) ::: Singapore dollar (S$) ::: Kuwaiti dinar (KD) ::: Cayman Islands dollar (KYD) ::: Haitian gourde (G) ::: Mexican peso (Mex$) ::: Gold ::: Silver ::: Platinum ::: Palladium ::: Diamond.   (We may also consider other currencies and payment methods in the near or distant future.) For details, review the following article: Widening the Scope of Human Evolution Opportunities for Mankind

Next Step

In order to proceed, go to Virtual Organization Advisors and submit your request for a deep insight into virtual organizations and virtual organization leadership.

In the grand scheme of things, it is a far-reaching business decision as well as a very smart and small investment.