Are you a registered Federal Contractor with the United States government or any other government?

NO.  We don’t care to be nor do we have any intention of becoming one in the near or distant future.  Our terms of engagement, procedures as well as all legal and financial requirements are universal for all businesses, organizations, institutions and governments worldwide.  There is no exception to the rule.

Are there any geographical restrictions with respect to conducting a Virtual Organization Leadership Executive search?

None whatsoever.   Absent any U.S. legal requirements, our virtual organization leadership executive search services are offered worldwide. 

How long does it take to fill a Virtual Organization Leadership position?

There is really no time limit.   It depends on the search assignment requirements as well as other factors which fall outside the scope of a virtual organization executive search. However, as a general rule, it would be the typical amount of time it takes to fill a brick and mortar executive position plus an additional 13 weeks.

Is VOR a 100% virtual organization?

YES indeed. 100%.  Other than that, it would be pure intellectual dishonesty on our part if we were to operate or offer any of our services in a brick and mortar environment.  We Practice What We Preach!

With respect to Executive Search services, are you willing to travel to come meet with members of our Executive Search Committee?

NO. We work strictly via Videoconference in a 100% virtual organization environment. NO TRAVEL OF ANY KIND FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER.

I will soon be in your area, can we have lunch or chat over a cup of coffee?

NO.  That’s a very stale, antiquated, unproductive, and very ineffective “brick and mortar” practice or way of doing business.  We’ve been there and done that over a period spanning several decades – thus it’s now time for us to move forward.

Is VOR a contingency or retained  Executive Search firm?

The answer is none of the above.   We do not operate in accordance with standard brick and mortar recruitment procedures and practices.   We require advance payment in full upon execution of the Virtual Organization Executive Search Agreement and prior to beginning a virtual organization leadership executive search.

How do your services differ from those of typical executive search or recruitment firms?

Excellent question.  First, we DO NOT conduct searches for “Brick and Mortar” positions. Second, we only engage in searches for Executives who have a very strong potential to work and LEAD in an almost exclusively 100% Virtual Organization environment;  strictly in accordance with the virtual organization recruitment discipline pioneered by its founder since 1997.    Thus, trying to compare these totally different executive search practices is like trying to compare apples with oranges.   Hence, we DO NOT compete with typical recruitment and executive search firms.

Do you guarantee 100% Confidentiality for all virtual organization executive searches?

YES. We promise and guarantee “100% Confidentiality” for all virtual organization executive search activities.

How can I obtain more information?

Request a  VOR VIP Videoconference for Additional Insights.

What is the best way to proceed?

Request a  VOR VIP Videoconference for Additional Insights.

There seems to be some synergy between our organizations,  do you offer any Strategic Partner opportunities? 

Yes.   Click HERE to submit our Official VOR Partner Application.