Enterprise Search Solution

One Solution. We offer Only ONE  Solution to all Forbes Global 2000 and Equivalent Enterprise Level Organizations, Academia & Governments around the world as well as to all other futuristic, leading edge and groundbreaking technology firms and organizations around the globe who seek to appoint a Key Executive to a leading Virtual Organization Leadership position (NOT for a Virtual Team Leadership or Virtual Management position – there is a huge difference)

  • Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Search

Obtain a Deep Insight Into Virtual Organizations. Go to Virtual Organization Advisors and submit your request for a deep insight into virtual organizations and virtual organization leadership. Bringing on board a highly competent Virtual Organization Leadership Executive is too important a financial and business decision to make on a whim or based on hype, smoke and mirrors.

Search Recommendations

We recommend this search ONLY when 1) your organization is considering to either APPOINT from within your own organization or BRING ON BOARD a Middle to Senior Management Level Executive who ALREADY HAS a substantial amount of experience working in either a REMOTE or VIRTUAL environment for a GLOBAL ORGANIZATION; AND  2)   your organization further intends to enroll the successful candidate in a formal (90-calendar-day) Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Program upon their official starting date of employment or at some later date.

Request a  Deep Insight into Virtual Organizations and Virtual Organization Leadership.

100% Transparent Search Engagement Fee Information

A Flat Fee based on Total Annual Compensation Range (in $USD)

  • $100,000 –  200,000 ::   $45,000
  • $200,001 – 300,000 ::    $67,500
  • $300,001 – 400,000 ::    $90,000
  • $400,001 – 500,000 ::    $112,500
  • $500,000 – 800,000 ::    $180,000
  • Over $800,000 ::   $250,000